A Flyfishing Club in Northeastern PA with
beautiful land and pristine water

A Flyfishing Club in Northeastern PA with
beautiful land and pristine water

A Place to Enjoy... Flyfishing Club in Northeastern, PA


A Place to Enjoy... Flyfishing Club in Northeastern, PA

About CFC

We are the Creamton Flyfishing Club

Founded in 1939, the club presently owns and leases over 7 miles of pristine trout water in Northeastern Pennsylvania. You can find us located just 2 1/2 hours from New York City and Philadelphia on the upper West Branch of the Lackawaxen River in Wayne County, PA. The club is limited to 45 members. We are presently accepting new members and we are maintaining a waiting list. 

A private club featuring... 

Beautiful surroundings

Miles of stream

Pristine water

Abundant fish

Convenient location

Pure water and abundant hatches

The exceptionally pure, cold water filtering into the Lackawaxen through our rural valley contributes to the existence of a tremendous variety of insect species. Starting in March with tiny Black Stoneflies, a procession of hatches emerges to tempt the trout and sometimes leave the fisherman scratching his head while staring at an open fly box. At times you will see multiple hatches competing for the trout's attention. Blue Quills, BWO's, Quill Gordon's, Hendricksons, March Browns, Sulfurs, and Isonychia, and many others, all take their turn as the season progresses. The Green Drake hatch on our club water is impressive, and again, a great indicator of our water quality. It is also a favorite of the Cedar Wax Wings that nest in the Valley.

Our Membership...

Our members presently hail from a wide geographic area. The clubhouse is a rustic cabin with running spring water and limited sleeping accommodations that is available to any member who lives at a distance. Motels and bed and breakfasts are also conveniently close by. Additionally, we are also a great home base if you want to challenge the Delaware or main Lackawaxen while in the area.

Find out more

Lots of room to wander

Our pristine water contributes to the natural reproduction of Brown, Brook, and Rainbow trout. Given the significant holdover rate,  natural wild trout population, and the catch and release nature of the club, stocking is designed to maintain the numbers of fish such that every angler enjoys a positive experience while fishing at the club. Many fish are caught in the 20 plus inch range. The club has traditionally been limited to 45 members, ensuring the opportunity for a quiet and solitary day of fishing on our 7 plus miles of water, if that is what you desire.  

Stream Improvement...

Our club believes in stream improvement. We have ongoing projects to stabilize banks, add riprap and conduct corridor planting of native plant species. We arrange for periodic, professional macro-invertebrate and water quality studies in order to maintain a watchful eye on our high quality fishery.


If you are interested in joining the Creamton Flyfishing Club and desire more information and a tour of our water you may contact us.


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